FWF Team Group Learning

What is FWF Team Learning?

FWF Team Learning is similar to a group counseling process but adds a unique approach designed to help members connect their personal goals to the conceptual concept of the group. FWF Team Learning involves  collaboration of members curiosity, perception and lived experience  to enhance the group's goals. Team members not only gain new approaches, skills, and understanding — but have the opportunity to have new connection with others who share similar goals and interests. 

How does it work?

Members will take part in weekly planned sessions as they explore conceptual theory skill, research and exercises that will be shared among group members. It will be in groups no larger than 8 and no smaller than 3 members. These groups work well with either Life Coach clients or Counseling clients. Your goals will be looked at individually as we work through the content together.

How long does it last?

FWF Team Group Learning will vary by topic — but will mostly meet weekly for 6 weeks at 2 hours a session. 

How do I sign up?

Just email or give us a call. Start dates will be announced on the group listing page. We look forward to growing with you.

FWF Team Learning Groups

Stress Reduction

Our lives are so busy and often we walk around carrying loads of stress that can create feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. FWF Stress Reduction skills will help you begin to feel more on top of your life and able to find the simple joys and pleasures again.

To begin in Early  September

Anger Management

Are you recognizing you are struggling with anger and have been told you have an "anger issue"? FWF Anger Management program may help. It follows the SHAMSA recommended program to learn skills and understanding to how to get control or your anger and not let it control you.

To begin mid September 

Parenting Skills

Being a parent is one of the most difficult challenges we face and often find ourselves getting frustrated. This can lead to a disconnection in our relationship with our child/children. This Team Learning will explore common issues we face and how  to use some effective tools and interactive activities can begin to transform your relationship with your children and increase your children's self-esteem.


Social Skills for Teens

Do you struggle with making connections with your peers and just don't know what to say or do? FWF can help you gain new tools, ideas, and have some fun doing it while learning.


Empowerment for Women

Women who have been struggling with a troublesome past history often feel lost and disconnected with themselves and with others. This group offers the ability to gain knowledge to begin to understand why they feel this way and steps to begin to reconnect and thrive.



What are Workshops?

FWF offers intensive opportunities to learn and about and begin to infuse new methods and understanding in your life. These workshops will be offered throughout the year. Most will be a one day experience. Watch the website for offerings.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits for this type of learning. We are able to give an intensive detailed perspective that opens doors to internally understand and we can do this with others and form deeper and lasting connections with others who have similar interests.

How do I sign up?

Workshops are open to anyone of interest and designed to enhance the Life Coach and Counseling goals. Please email us or give us a call with your interest and we will get you signed up. We look forward to exploring with you.

Workshops Offered

Power of Presence

It seems to be an epidemic of over worked,oversheduled lives that leave us worrying and stressing about negative possibilities of the future and consumed on the regret and pain from the past. This workshop offers intensive training in the art and science of being present and mindful.


Dreams: Their Secret Message

So many times we wake from dreams and wonder what they were about. This workshop offers understanding to how dreams work and how to interpret them You will explore the messages of your dreams.


Animals & Their Wisdom

The Animal- Human bond has potential for powerful healing. This workshop explores the connection with animals and through Interactive exercises and reflection new perspectives emerge with the help of our animal coaches.